Every day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm


In a fascinating place outside of time, 2000 years dedicated to the worship of water, Nun SPA Museum rises.
Nun offers a Wellness Collection of Paths, Rituals and Treatments arousing unforgettable feelings and emotions.


In this enchanted place, guests can choose personalized wellness packages making use of the advice of our experts, or else simply relax in the multi-massage heated pool, admiring the six majestic limestone pillars of the first century AD surrounding the pool, held together by an incredible synergy of strength and balance.
Guests are also invited to make use of the Nun path (Tepidarium, Caldarium, Sudatorium, Frigidarium), with multi-massage pool, jacuzzi and tea room.


Ancient Roman reverence for the spa and body care is relived in our Nun Path.
The Nun Circuit consists of 4 rooms with different temperatures and levels of humidity: Tepidarium, Calidarium, Sudatorium and Frigidarium.
The Circuit is structured to have an immediate purifying and regenerating effect thanks to the succession of intense or minimal sweating.


Temperature: 30-35° C

Humidity: 60-70%

Relaxing area before entering to the Calidarium and after the path.


Duration: 10-15 minutes

Temperature: 40-45° C

Humidity: 85-95%

Frequency: 2/3 times

Access to the Calidarium is suggested after acclimating in the Tepidarium


Duration: 10-15 minutes

Temperature: about 60° C

Humidity: 45-55%

Frequency: 2/3 times

Access to the Sudatorium is suggested after the Calidarium


Duration: 5-10 minutes

Temperature: 10-15° C

Humidity: about 50%

Access to the Frigidarium is suggested after the Sudatorium


Nun offers a Wellness Collection of Paths, Rituals and Treatments dedicated to wellness, arousing unforgettable feelings and emotions.
With the help of Selvert Thermal company, Nun presents a wide range of solutions for the remise en forme of the face and the body.

We offer a range of treatments made unique by Selvert Thermal products lines and those who wish to try our exclusive services can enjoy the use of the high efficiency Biolux machine. The action of the infrared light works on the cellular metabolism supplying better blood circulation and encouraging rapid detoxification.
Our experienced, professional massage therapists offer personalized treatments, ensuring our guests receive attention, pampering and deep relaxation.
A true caress for the soul.